JULY WEEK 3 WINNERS: Congratulations to these  winners! (Prizes in the mail!)

CINDY FITZ                                  Audio of HOTWIRE                     
BARBARA GREEN                     Audio of FIREPROOF          
ROBIN BEECH                            UK Edition of FIREPROOF
CURTIS BARMES                       WHITEWASH paperback  
SALLY MCGILL                           EXPOSED paperback
WENDY DOUGHTY                    A NECESSARY EVIL paperback
NEL BREET                                   SPLIT SECOND paperback

JULY WEEK 2 WINNERS: Congratulations to these winners! (Prizes in the mail!)

WADE HALL                       Hardcover autographed copy of WHITEWASH
PATRICIA LOVE                 Audio copy of HOTWIRE
TOM WALSH                      Paperback autographed copy of THE SOUL CATCHER
HEATHER OTTENSCHOT   Paperback autographed copy of THE SOUL CATCHER
PATTY MOODY                  Hardcover autographed copy of DAMAGED
LYDIA SHIRLEY                 UK tradeback autographed copy of FIREPROOF
RANDY WILKS                   autographed Pensacola Beach, Florida Ball Cap

JULY WEEK 1 WINNERS: Congratulations to these winners!

JEANNIE CHAMBERS            Hardcover autographed copy of FIREPROOF
MICHELLE POULOSE            “I stayed up all night” water bottle
CORRIE PRESTON                 Paperback autographed copy of A PERFECT EVIL
LISA SHORE                          Audio copy of HOTWIRE
HOLLY FEW                           Hardcover autographed copy ofBLACK FRIDAY
SCOTT BEEKMAN                  Paperback autographed copy of SPLIT SECOND
BARBARA PIOTROWSKI        Hardcover autographed copy of EXPOSED
(Randomly chosen by the computer from our list of current VIR Members as of 7/7/2013)