April 2022 News

My seed packets are stacked and waiting for me along with my garden boots. Somehow spring has come even though it doesn’t look like spring. The crocuses and daffodils are only starting to peek out of the ground. Even the Westies are bored. Today, (Thursday, April 7th) as I write this, there are [ CLICK to Read More ]

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February 2022 News

I hope you new year is off to a great start. Birthday Boy, FINN turns one on February 13th It’s been warm and dry here. Finn’s first experience with snow was only a few inches. He wasn’t impressed with it. We’ve been busy. I haven’t had a book come out at this time [ CLICK to Read More ]

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JANUARY 2021 VIR Club Newsletter| Hello Winter!

Happy New Year ! I hope you had a peaceful holiday season. I want to start off this new year by thanking all of you. For reading my books. For sending me Christmas cards (so many dog and puppy cards!!) and including me on your list of friends and family. For ordering from [ CLICK to Read More ]

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November 2020 VIR Club Newsletter

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season. Have you started watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel? For me it’s the holiday baking championships. I love those!For all of us, this holiday season will be different, to say the least. This is one of those times that making a list of what [ CLICK to Read More ]

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October 2020 VIR Club Newsletter

Usually I try to keep these newsletters upbeat even during the past months when all of us have been struggling. But I know some of you have noticed I haven’t been on Facebook or Instagram for quite a while. Even this month’s newsletter is late. It’s been an especially tough month and a [ CLICK to Read More ]

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September 2020 VIR Club Newsletter

This week marks the beginning of fall. It’s usually my favorite season, so despite all that’s happening or not happening, I’m trying to remember and enjoy what remains constant. Cool, crisp evenings and harvest moons. Listening to the geese. Reading on the patio. Watching the backyard squirrels try to outsmart the Westie pack. [ CLICK to Read More ]

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Launch Week August 2020 VIR Club Newsletter

Thank you for all the kind words about HIDDEN CREED. In less than a week you managed to put the books on several bestseller lists. It’s exciting to finally share it with you. I think it has a little bit of everything: murder, forensic puzzle pieces, lots of dogs and even a little [ CLICK to Read More ]

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August 2020 VIR Club Newsletter

It’s AUGUST, and I finally get to share HIDDEN CREED with you. Writing this book felt like a return to my forensic crime roots. Remember STRANDED? A serial killer, an abandoned farm, dead bodies and lots of forensic puzzle pieces. STRANDED introduced Ryder and Grace for the first time. It was where Maggie [ CLICK to Read More ]

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May to June 2020 VIR Club Newsletter

Do you find the months slipping by without recognizing them? I've kept my head down and have continued working, but once in a while I've had to stop and think what month it is. Kids are already out of school. Have been for two months now. No graduation season. No Memorial Day picnics. [ CLICK to Read More ]

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