WE ARE OFFICIALLY BOOKED! Join Deb and I Saturday, October 12th, 2024 at the Hilton Garden Inn at Aksarben Village in Omaha, Nebraska for the 2024 VIR CLUB LUNCHEON. YOU CAN GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!! See registration below. (this is a limited seating event.) For those of you who haven't been able to come [ CLICK to Read More ]

IT’S OFFICALLY BOOKED. EXCITING NEWS…2024-03-06T14:37:15-06:00

HELLO 2024!

How has your new year been going? I hope it’s off to a great start. In December I complained about not having snow. We got some Christmas Day! Maggie showed newcomer, Grace how to enjoy the white stuff. It was only a few inches. Fluffy and fun. Since then, we’ve had about a [ CLICK to Read More ]

HELLO 2024!2024-02-04T15:46:23-06:00


FINALLY! The wait is over. You can now pre-order Midnight Creed. Want it early? As a VIR Club member, you can pre-order the Ebook or Hardcover directly from my WebShop. We'll start shipping signed copies the week of December 10th, and the Ebook will be available for download on December 10. Again, that's [ CLICK to Read More ]

IT’s FINALLY HERE! Pre-Order MIDNIGHT CREED!2023-11-07T09:42:11-06:00

Happy Spring! BIG NEWS HERE!

Happy Spring! I hope it’s starting to look like it in your neck of the woods. We’ve had quite a bit of excitement around here. The Westie pack adopted a Jack Russell terrier! She’s seven months old and only nine pounds but so sweet and precious. Okay, she’s a little sassy, too, but [ CLICK to Read More ]

Happy Spring! BIG NEWS HERE!2023-04-18T13:58:38-06:00

What’s up February?? Where’s Spring?

Spring is just around the corner!! Hang in there. Don’t listen to Punxsutawney Phil. We celebrated Finn’s second birthday on February 13th. He’s almost a Valentine’s day boy. Nebraska hasn’t seen any big snowfalls since his arrival, but this past week we had about eight inches. It was quite the adventure for him. [ CLICK to Read More ]

What’s up February?? Where’s Spring?2023-03-13T13:28:40-06:00

Happy 2023!

Happy 2023! This year instead of resolutions, I’m simply striving to return to normal…or at least a version of normal that I can recognize. I’ve been playing “catch-up” for too long. Haven’t the last few years felt like we had no choice but to “wing it?” My hope for all of us is [ CLICK to Read More ]

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Three Christmas Classics That Almost Weren’t | Alex Kava

A Christmas Carol, It’s A Wonderful Life, and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. They’ve become synonymous with Christmas, but did you know they almost didn’t happen? A Christmas Carol In 1843, Charles Dickens already enjoyed literary success with several novels, including Oliver Twist. But sales were slowing, and his recent, Martin Chuzzlewit was [ CLICK to Read More ]

Three Christmas Classics That Almost Weren’t | Alex Kava2023-01-21T14:57:47-06:00

Hello Holidays!

I hope your holiday season is off to a great start. I’m watching our first snowfall as I write this. Actually, it’s a pathetic attempt at snow. Maggie hardly has enough to roll in. Her roll could be a dog’s version of a snow angel, except she dives in face-first. At least the [ CLICK to Read More ]

Hello Holidays!2022-12-05T14:14:34-06:00
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