JANUARY 2021 VIR Club Newsletter| Hello Winter!

Happy New Year ! I hope you had a peaceful holiday season. I want to start off this new year by thanking all of you. For reading my [ CLICK to Read More ]

JANUARY 2021 VIR Club Newsletter| Hello Winter!2021-01-26T16:10:44-06:00

November 2020 VIR Club Newsletter

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season. Have you started watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel? For me it’s the holiday baking championships. I love those!For [ CLICK to Read More ]

November 2020 VIR Club Newsletter2021-01-26T16:12:39-06:00

October 2020 VIR Club Newsletter

Usually I try to keep these newsletters upbeat even during the past months when all of us have been struggling. But I know some of you have noticed [ CLICK to Read More ]

October 2020 VIR Club Newsletter2021-01-26T16:13:13-06:00

September 2020 VIR Club Newsletter

This week marks the beginning of fall. It’s usually my favorite season, so despite all that’s happening or not happening, I’m trying to remember and enjoy what remains [ CLICK to Read More ]

September 2020 VIR Club Newsletter2021-01-26T16:16:05-06:00

Launch Week August 2020 VIR Club Newsletter

Thank you for all the kind words about HIDDEN CREED. In less than a week you managed to put the books on several bestseller lists. It’s exciting to [ CLICK to Read More ]

Launch Week August 2020 VIR Club Newsletter2021-01-26T16:16:34-06:00

August 2020 VIR Club Newsletter

It’s AUGUST, and I finally get to share HIDDEN CREED with you. Writing this book felt like a return to my forensic crime roots. Remember STRANDED? A serial [ CLICK to Read More ]

August 2020 VIR Club Newsletter2021-01-26T16:17:08-06:00

May to June 2020 VIR Club Newsletter

Do you find the months slipping by without recognizing them? I've kept my head down and have continued working, but once in a while I've had to stop [ CLICK to Read More ]

May to June 2020 VIR Club Newsletter2020-06-17T14:40:11-06:00
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