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Happy Spring! BIG NEWS HERE!

Happy Spring! I hope it’s starting to look like it in your neck of the woods. We’ve had quite a bit of excitement around here. The Westie pack adopted a Jack Russell terrier! She’s seven months old and only nine pounds but so sweet and precious. Okay, she’s a little sassy, too, but [ CLICK to Read More ]

Happy Spring! BIG NEWS HERE!2023-04-18T13:58:38-06:00

What’s up February?? Where’s Spring?

Spring is just around the corner!! Hang in there. Don’t listen to Punxsutawney Phil. We celebrated Finn’s second birthday on February 13th. He’s almost a Valentine’s day boy. Nebraska hasn’t seen any big snowfalls since his arrival, but this past week we had about eight inches. It was quite the adventure for him. [ CLICK to Read More ]

What’s up February?? Where’s Spring?2023-03-13T13:28:40-06:00

Happy 2023!

Happy 2023! This year instead of resolutions, I’m simply striving to return to normal…or at least a version of normal that I can recognize. I’ve been playing “catch-up” for too long. Haven’t the last few years felt like we had no choice but to “wing it?” My hope for all of us is [ CLICK to Read More ]

Happy 2023!2023-03-13T13:39:22-06:00

Three Christmas Classics That Almost Weren’t | Alex Kava

A Christmas Carol, It’s A Wonderful Life, and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. They’ve become synonymous with Christmas, but did you know they almost didn’t happen? A Christmas Carol In 1843, Charles Dickens already enjoyed literary success with several novels, including Oliver Twist. But sales were slowing, and his recent, Martin Chuzzlewit was [ CLICK to Read More ]

Three Christmas Classics That Almost Weren’t | Alex Kava2023-01-21T14:57:47-06:00

Hello Holidays!

I hope your holiday season is off to a great start. I’m watching our first snowfall as I write this. Actually, it’s a pathetic attempt at snow. Maggie hardly has enough to roll in. Her roll could be a dog’s version of a snow angel, except she dives in face-first. At least the [ CLICK to Read More ]

Hello Holidays!2022-12-05T14:14:34-06:00

Augusts Newsletter: And enjoying the colors!

, HAPPY NATIONAL DOG DAY! (Enjoy your time with your pups!) Okay, I can’t be the only person (who’s not a student) who LOVES this time of year for the Back-to-School supplies. I stock up on my favorites: Pentel pens, giant activity pads, Post-Its, Highlighters and Sharpies. For years I’ve been buying Five [ CLICK to Read More ]

Augusts Newsletter: And enjoying the colors!2022-10-14T10:54:46-06:00

Alfred Hitchcock and a Waitress Named Rita

AS FEATURED ON ROGUEWOMENWRITERS.COM 4/7/2022 by Alex Kava I’ve always been a fan of classic movies. “Sorry, Wrong Number,” “Gaslight,” “Rear Window.” Talk about building suspense. The classics definitely knew how to do it. I’m a visual writer, so I need a scene to play out in my mind before I can put [ CLICK to Read More ]

Alfred Hitchcock and a Waitress Named Rita2022-05-25T15:20:03-06:00
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