Our first shipment of MIDNIGHT CREED hardcovers just arrived!!

By now you should have received my email about how you can pre-order a copy. In case you didn’t, there’s a link below.

The official release date is December 17.

If you want it sooner, you can buy direct at my WebShop.That means you’ll be able to download the ebook on Sunday, December 10th. AND we start shipping the hardcovers on Monday, December 11th.

Of course, you can get it at your favorite retailers. Here’s all the information and the links: MIDNIGHT CREED ORDER PAGE

I’m still waiting for the audiobook’s release date. I’ll let you know as soon as I know.

I want to thank all of you for your patience. Last week, I told a friend this book felt like a journey. Like a long drive on an unfamiliar road…at night…without headlights. It surprised me in places, and so did a couple of the characters. In a good way. I’ve been doing this long enough to know that when those “aha”moments happen, it really is something special.

This book takes place just a couple of months after FALLEN CREED. Ryder and his crew are back in the Florida Panhandle searching for a missing boy, while Maggie O’Dell is tracking a killer in snowy D.C. Of course, both of those cases are going to collide.

I’m excited to finally be able to share this book with you. I hope it entertains you and even surprises you…in a good way.

If you’re a library patron, please ask your librarian to order the book. 

Again, here’s where you can pre-order: GET MIDNIGHT CREED

Tips for a Dog-gone Good Thanksgiving

Can you believe the holidays are just around the corner!?

I was thinking about all the foods we can’t share with our dogs. So how about a list of what your dogs CAN safely share from your Thanksgiving feast?

TURKEY!!! Yep, you heard me. But only a small amount of white meat. No skin. No fat. No seasoning. No gravy. And of course, no bones. But believe me, they will be drooling for just a bite…or two. Chop or shred small, tiny pieces and toss over their regular food.

SWEET POTATOES. Plain and cooked before you add butter and spices. A dollop is plenty.

GREEN BEANS. Cooked or canned and before you add the sauces or crunchy stuff on top.

PUMPKIN. Again, before you mix any of the extras. A spoonful of canned pumpkin is actually good for a dog’s digestion. As are sweet potatoes.

One last suggestion. Put these small tastes in their dog dishes whether with or without their regular food AND do it before you sit down to eat.

Alex and Deb recommend

While you’re waiting for MIDNIGHT CREED here are some books Deb and I enjoyed.

QUACKERY: A brief history of the worst ways to cure everything by Lydia Kang, MD and Nate Pedersen

Both Deb and I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Lydia Kang when we joined her and author Tosca Lee for an event at the Seward Memorial Library in Seward, Nebraska. We’ve recommended Tosca’s books before (LONG MARCH HOME is her latest). Lydia also writes fiction, but Quackery is different and fun.

THE LIE MAKER by Linwood Barclay

From the jacket: A man desperately tries to track down his father—who was taken into witness protection years ago—before his enemies can get to him.

GIRL IN ICE by Erica Ferencik

Erica was on Rogue Reads talking about this book a year ago when I was also on talking about FALLEN CREED. I remember thinking how fascinating her book sounded. You can watch the interview here: INTERVIEW WITH ERICA

This book has been on my TBR pile since then. Wow! It’ll make you feel like you’re on the ice with the characters. From the jacket: A thriller set in the Arctic Circle. A brilliant linguist struggles to communicate with a young girl who has been thawed from the ice alive.

THE OLD MAN by Thomas Perry

Both Deb and I love Thomas Perry! His Jane Whitefield series was an early inspiration for me. This one is a standalone from several years ago, but it’s been made into a series on FX with Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow. It’s a bit different from the book, but the dogs make both very good. Season 2 is scheduled to be out sometime in 2024.

From the jacket: A retired intelligence officer living off the grid is caught in a harrowing hunt-and-hide adventure.

Enter To Win This Month’s Contest

The winner from the last eNewsletter giveaway is Heidi Cribb! Yeah!

Get ready for colder weather! This month’s giveaway is an Alex Kava crime scene scarf and signed copy of HOTWIRE.

To enter, send an email to contests@alexkava.com and tell us your favorite food at your Thanksgiving feast.

Here’s the link again to find where you can pre-order MIDNIGHT CREED: https://midnightcreed.alexkava.com

Utilize coupon code GOOD2023 for $2 off the hardcover!

Again, thank you for reading my books. I’m so grateful to beable to share my twisted tales with you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Take care,

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