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At the beginning of October, we managed to sneak away to the beach. “Sneak” isn’t exactly the correct word when you have three wild Westies in an RV. Driving from Nebraska took us through Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas (a small corner), Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and finally, Florida. The kids were very good travelers. I hate to say I was surprised, but I was surprised.

The trip was part vacation, part business. Ryder and gang are back in the Panhandle of Florida for MIDNIGHT CREED, so you know me, I can’t seem to stop researching. Even surrounded by gorgeous sunrises and miles of sand and water, I was getting updates on the homeless situation and learning about illegal dump sites.

Yes, I know that’s messed up. I’ve accepted it as an occupational hazard. While most people look for a new café to try, I’m usually scouting out the Dumpster in the alley.

Getting back to the trip. This was Finn’s first and included his first hotel stays. As you can see from the photos, he adapted quite well. That boy knows his place…on a bed or a sofa! His mentors, Maggie and Huck were quick to show him the ropes. And yes, in the photo below, it does look like Huck fell asleep reading that book.

Best part of the trip for me—I saw two dolphins playing. Oh, and I actually got to read someone else’s book, on the deck, in the sun with that view and the sound of the waves.


If you’re taking your dogs with you, here are some tips I’ve found helpful.

Take bottled water.
Different areas have different municipal water sources, and the change can be enough to cause gastric issues.
Use a harness.
It’s just too easy to slip out of a collar when on leash.
Medications and vaccinations.
I have a small bag with meds and emergency supplies. I also keep an envelope with copies of all their up-to-date vaccinations.
Peanut butter and/or white rice.
Tummy upset happens, and it’s better to be prepared A tad of peanut butter goes a long way. You can also add a spoonful of rice to their food to help with motion sickness.
Dog friendly hotels.
They are much easier to find. We love Drury Hotels, but have also stayed at Hampton Inns and Homes2 Suites. Clean rooms that don’t smell like dogs. They usually include mini frigs, microwaves and a free hot breakfast.
Potty pads.
Training our dogs to use them is one of the best things we’ve done. Especially in the middle of the night in a hotel in a strange city. They’re also great for sick pups or old dogs.
Remember, emotion runs down the leash.
Creed uses this phrase all the time, and it’s important when you’re walking your dogs in unfamiliar territory. Be watchful but confident. If you’re anxious, they’ll be anxious.

Amazing K9 Kai recovers stolen goods

You already know from Ryder Creed that K9s can sniff out missing people, cancer and viruses, electronic devices, drugs and explosives. Last month in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, a K9 named Kai sniffed out and recovered stolen property.

Officer Amanda VanBuskirk and her K9 partner Kai responded to a home break in. Police had already captured and arrested the fleeing thieves, but the homeowners were still missing many of their valuables.
It had been five days and after a rain when VanBuskirk and Kai came to the house, hoping to pick up a scent. As soon as they left, Kai led her partner deep into the woods beyond the backyard. Buried under dirt, leaves and debris Kai sniffed out jewelry, a purse and wallet, all belonging to the homeowners.

Good dog, Kai!


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