Alex Kava's Augst 2022 VIR Club Newsletter,

HAPPY NATIONAL DOG DAY! (Enjoy your time with your pups!)

Okay, I can’t be the only person (who’s not a student) who LOVES this time of year for the Back-to-School supplies. I stock up on my favorites: Pentel pens, giant activity pads, Post-Its, Highlighters and Sharpies. For years I’ve been buying Five Star notebooks, the smaller 6”x9-1/2”. Every novel is assigned two to three notebooks, which I fill with research, dialogue, snippets of scenes, notes about setting and characters. And each novel gets its own color of notebooks. MIDNIGHT CREED is black…of course, it is.

Back-to-School usually means the end of summer. Some of the flowers are beginning to seed out. Our wrens have left after initiating the new birdhouse we put up for them. And our late-start garden is finally producing tomatoes and peppers just in time to chop up some homemade pico de gallo for chips and football…and volleyball.

Did I ever mention I love NCAA women’s volleyball? (The Nebraska Huskers volleyball team is ranked #1 in the pre-season polls! Omaha’s Creighton is #18! It’s going to be an exciting fall. GO BIG RED!!)

So before August ends, here are some things I want to share with you.


I answer that question in my blog post for Rogue Women Writers. Click to read it HERE:

HIDDEN CREED’s eBook is $.99

In case you haven’t gotten it yet. It’s at all eBook retailers and at my Webshop for a limited time. GET IT AT MY WEBSHOP

NPR Radio Interview

In May I did an interview with Tracie Hotchner for DOG TALK. Tracie does a great job and there are so many wonderful episodes. We talk about Ryder, Grace and FALLEN CREED and even the VIR Luncheon. You can listen to it here.


Last summer, Finn was still a puppy, and because we have hawks big enough to snatch him up, Finn couldn’t be outside without close supervision. This summer…he thinks he owns the yard!


The winner from the last eNewsletter contest’s BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS giveaway is: MELISSA SARGEANT.

That’s right! Dogs get a whole month of celebration. TO ENTER our NATIONAL DOG MONTH GIVEAWAY, send an email to and tell us what your pet’s funniest thing they do is. We have three prizes for three lucky winners: 1) Dog mat with leash; 2) Dog plaque and leash and 3) Dog mug and leash.

As always, thanks so much for reading and recommending my books. Enjoy these last days of summer!

Take care,