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My seed packets are stacked and waiting for me along with my garden boots. Somehow spring has come even though it doesn’t look like spring. The crocuses and daffodils are only starting to peek out of the ground. Even the Westies are bored. Today, (Thursday, April 7th) as I write this, there are snow flurries. Yes, snow flurries in April. That’s Nebraska!

Alex Kava's westies Finley and Maggie O'Dell.

It’s just as well. I’ve been busy signing, packaging, making bookmarks and promoting FALLEN CREED. If you’ve already read the book, you know there’s a blizzard, so the cold and snow seem appropriate. Thankfully this week it’s only flurries. Not at all what Ryder and Grace encounter. Here’s a more accurate look at what they had to deal with:

Sometimes I put up photos when I’m writing. This one certainly helped put me inside the storm. And now I finally get to share the story with you.

Thanks for your emails, note cards, social media posts and reviews. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the book. Because of you, FALLEN CREED has been hitting dozens of Amazon lists. It landed on Indie Reader’s TOP 10 and made USA Today’s bestseller list!

So, THANK YOU! I couldn’t do this without you. I’m blessed to have such loyal and wonderful readers.

If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, here’s where you can find a copy including $2 off (use Promo Code Fallen22) for the hardcover AND the eBook at my Web Shop. Yes, that’s right. You can now buy eBooks directly from my Web Shop:

If your library or favorite bookstore doesn’t have a copy, please ask them to order it. I’ve been told they are happy to do that for their patrons and their customers.

Need to catch up on the Creed series? We’ve discounted DESPERATE CREED’s and HIDDEN CREED’s eBooks to $.99 for a limited time. Check your favorite retailer or get them at my Web Shop.

MONDAY, APRIL 18 at 7pm ET

Recently, I was invited to join ROGUE WOMEN WRITERS, a group of talented mystery, thriller and suspense authors. I’ll be writing a blog at their website and sharing those with you. They also host a monthly event called ROGUE READS where readers can come listen to and ask questions of authors who have new books out.

Come join us on ROGUE READS Monday, April 18 at 7pm ET. I’ll be on with authors J.D. Barker, Erica Ferencik and Grace D. Li.

You can register at:

Registering also enters you to win a signed copy of FALLEN CREED or DEATH OF THE BLACK WIDOW by J.D. Barker and James Patterson. A follow-up email will give you instructions on how to join us. It really is a fun hour.


Finn has learned how to get my attention when I’m working. He comes up to the windows right outside my writing room where I set or stand at my desk. If I try to ignore him, he taps against the window, throws back his head and howls at me to come out and play. I know what you’re thinking. How can I possibly say “no?”


Those of us who love dogs won’t be surprised by this new survey. Here’s what they found:


The winner from the last eNewsletter contest is Christina Durling, who told us she was looking forward to “MUD DOG SEASON”… in her words: ”

“… look forward to mud dog season. Only true dog lovers can appreciate the contradiction of mud dog season. While we loathe every muddy paw print on the pristine white flooring and the spray of mud splattering  the walls and everything else in their path; we can’t help but rejoice in the happiness displayed by our loveable canine family members. The smile that stretches from ear to ear and translates to ” look mom ! I’m so happy rolling in this mud puddle”.
Which…many of us can relate to… 😂

To introduce you to the authors who make up ROGUE WOMEN WRITERS we’re giving away one of each of the 10 author’s books along with one of my limited edition bookmarks. The bookmark engraving reads: “Well behaved women rarely make history.” (Westie cookie jar not included.😂)

Here’s the list (from top to bottom): THE SECOND MOTHER by Jenny Milchman; THE CIPHER by Isabella Maldonado; THE LINE BETWEEN by Tosca Lee; THAT DARKNESS by Lisa Black; BROKEN PLACES by Tracy Clark; THE FREEDOM BROKER by K.J. Howe; TRUST BUT VERIFY by Karna Small Bodman; RED SKY by Chris Goff; THE BOOK OF SPIES by Gayle Lynds and FALLEN CREED by Alex Kava.

TO ENTER for a chance to win one of the ten books plus a limited edition bookmark send an email HERE and tell us about your FIRST pet and how you remember them.

As always,thanks so much for reading and recommending my books.