I hope you new year is off to a great start.

Birthday Boy, FINN turns one on February 13th

It’s been warm and dry here. Finn’s first experience with snow was only a few inches. He wasn’t impressed with it.

We’ve been busy. I haven’t had a book come out at this time of year in a while. FALLEN CREED comes out MARCH 15! It’s hard to believe it’s #7 in the series. The cast of characters have sure come a long way. Actually, FALLEN CREED is #8. I always think of STRANDED as the “official” introduction to Ryder and Grace.

In this run-up to March 15th, I’d like to share some of my favorites from each book. Favorite scenes, favorite “guest” characters, or favorite lines and also highlight the dogs introduced along the way. Feel free to share some of your favorites, too.

I’ll do some shares on the VIR Club’s Facebook page, too. Deb wants to do more giveaways, contests, and flash sales, so don’t be surprised if you notice a few more emails from me in the next several weeks. It’ll only be for this launch period. And of course, I’ll understand if you don’t have time to look at them all. But please don’t unsubscribe. I always remind myself that you are the reason I’m able to share my twisted tales and feed my pack. At the same time, we need to have some fun!


To start things off, I’ll start with BREAKING CREED

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MY Favorite scene: (No spoilers) Jason’s encounter with a coral snake. In thrillers, conflict can come from a variety of places. Because of the dogs, I’m keenly aware of environmental challenges when I’m writing this series.

MY Favorite line from that scene: “Red touches yellow, kill a fellow. Son of a bitch, I’m screwed.”

BREAKING CREED introduces a bunch of dogs in Creed’s kennel: Bolo (a Rhodesian ridgeback); Chance (a German shepherd); and Jason’s pick of the litter, Scout (a black Labrador puppy). Then there are the four who help save…I promised no spoilers, but they do save the day: Cheyenne (a pit bull mix); Diesel (a bronze boxer); Nuru (a blue-eyed husky mix) and Kramer (a Maltese).

MY Biggest surprise: I never imagined how much I’d enjoy the growing friendship between Ryder and Jason.


Our yard backs to a wildlife preserve, so we get to see an assortment of migrating birds. Other visitors have included wild turkeys, deer, coyote and this guy…a tall, handsome fox. Of course, the pack sang to him through the sunroom windows. And Finn was quite fascinated.

Can you believe Finn is one? It has been so fun to watch him experience new and different things for the first time. He’s wild and silly and has been a blessing helping us get through some tough times this past year.


When singer/songwriter, Eric Church, started his 2022 tour in Lincoln, Nebraska, four newcomers joined his crew: Alex, Huggie, Lord and Timmy. All four are German shepherds trained by Bio Detection K9 to sniff out Covid-19. (Even the Omnicron variant.)

The dogs and handlers travel with the musicians. Every day, they sniff the crew along with anyone they come in contact with from the bus to backstage to the loading docks.

Other musicians along with NASCAR and the NBA’s Miami Heat have been using K9s and handlers since last fall. The dogs are cheaper than testing everyone, way faster and much friendlier. They’ve proven to be 99% accurate. In fact, a few loading dock workers were so convinced they were negative when the dogs alerted to them, they insisted on PCR tests only to find the dogs were right. They tested positive.

Oh, and by the way, the president of Bio Detection K9 is an Air Force vet who worked with dog teams in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sound familiar?

Maybe scent dogs like these will make it easier for all of us to get back to normal.


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The winner from the last eNewsletter contest Amber Luecke shared with us: “I would have to say my favorite Thanksgiving food is anything not cooked by the Army.This year was the first time in a few years I was not deployed or patrolling my beat. Got to spend it with my partner and her family.”  Thank you for your service Amber! Enjoy your copy of BLACK FRIDAY and your VIR Crime Scene Scarf!

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As always, thanks so much for reading and recommending my books.

RIP, our sweet Boomer.
October 29, 2008 — December 26, 2021