Happy New Year !

I hope you had a peaceful holiday season.

I want to start off this new year by thanking all of you. For reading my books. For sending me Christmas cards (so many dog and puppy cards!!) and including me on your list of friends and family. For ordering from my Christmas Web Shop. For sharing my books, giving them as gifts, leaving reviews and wishing me well during these difficult times for all of us.

In my early career, publishers and editors spent a lot of time introducing me to “influencers,” retail book buyers, book columnists, distributors, book store owners, and big box store managers. I was told that these were the people who would make or break my career. I traveled a ton back then to have conferences, lunches and dinners with many of the above. After a slew of these, I remember asking my editor, “When do I get to meet readers?”

I still remember the look she gave me; one that said I simply didn’t understand the intricate dichotomy of the publishing industry.

Well, here I am twenty years later and most of those “influencers” are no longer in positions of influence along with others on the rest of that list. But so many of you readers are still with me, reading my books and treating me like an old friend.

Year after year, I remind myself of this. That’s why I try to thank you any chance I get.

Ringing in this New Year still brings a lot of uncertainty. I hope I can bring some semblance of normalcy, some order to the chaos by simply providing you the best books I can write. And always thanking you for reading them.


AUDIO Hidden Creed

FINALLY! The audiobook is on sale. We’ve had the production finished since September, but the distributor kept telling us they were behind because of the pandemic. It was a frustrating delay for us as well as those of you who love to listen to the book. Thanks for waiting patiently. Here’s where you can get the audiobook: AUDIBLE    AMAZON     APPLE BOOKS


Starting January 6th you can get a copy of DESPERATE CREED for $1.99. This is for a limited time only. If you already have the ebook, please recommend and share with a friend. Available here:   KINDLE    NOOK    KOBO    APPLE BOOKS


I’m working on Book #7. Keep checking these emails for information including cover reveal and publication date.

Here’s a brief description:

Ryder Creed and Grace are asked to help find a missing woman. Local law enforcement officials believe she was taken. The first 72 hours become critical as to whether they’ll find her dead or alive. But this is no ordinary search. And the missing woman might not be the only one in danger when Ryder and Grace go from tracking to being tracked.




Madalynn McCauley and Stephanie Herron…

Deb and I read through all the entires (over 150!!) and were over whelmed by your sharing of very personal thanks! The main themes running through the entries were thanks for family, friends, neighbors, health, fur-babies and the ability to communicate via the internet… We were humbled by all of your responses.

Here’s this month’s giveaway: a signed copy of HIDDEN CREED, our exclusive crime scene scarf and bookmark, plus a pair of reader socks. To enter, send an email to contests@alexkava.com and tell us one of your goals for 2021. We’ll announce the winner in the next eNewsletter.

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I’ll leave you with some photos of how we spent our holiday time off: watching football (Boomer) and playing with new toys followed by sleeping on them (Huck).

Let’s all take a lesson from Boomer and Huck and put some fun stuff on this year’s list of goals! And as always, thank you for reading and sharing my books.