Alex Kava's September VIR CLUB eBlast

This week marks the beginning of fall. It’s usually my favorite season, so despite all that’s happening or not happening, I’m trying to remember and enjoy what remains constant. Cool, crisp evenings and harvest moons. Listening to the geese. Reading on the patio. Watching the backyard squirrels try to outsmart the Westie pack.

In a world that still feels turned upside down, it’s good to see so many of us reading. It’s been said that during WWII people turned to detective novels like Agatha Christie and Raymond Chandler looking to restore order to a chaotic world. In the same way, mysteries and thrillers saw a surge after 9/11. For many of us, reading is a welcome escape. I was finishing HIDDEN CREED in March and April when the pandemic hit. I made a conscious effort that this book would be about the characters and concentrate on figuring out the forensic puzzle pieces. Yes, I wanted you to find some distraction with a little bit of murder.

So I’m glad to hear many of you have enjoyed the book. Thank you for sharing it, telling others and even posting reviews. In a year when publishers are canceling and postponing books; when bookstores and libraries have been closed, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But thanks to all of you, the book even hit the USA Today bestseller list along with a few at Amazon and made the Top 10 at Barnes & Noble Nook. So thank you!

If you haven’t read it yet, here’s the link of where it’s available:

If you prefer a signed hardcover, we have them in stock on my website. We give you $2 off and free shipping, plus I sign and personalize each one and include a special bookmark. Learn more here: Alex’s SHOP

The audiobook should be available later this month or the first part of October.


Paperbacks now available at

LOST CREED and DESPERATE CREED are finally in paperback.

The new size is a bit smaller than a trade paperback and a little larger than a mass market one. It’s now available in my  WEB SHOP as well as at Amazon, B&N online or by ordering from your favorite bookstore.

Hidden Creed is set in FLorida's Blackwater Creek State Park.


First of all, I like to use familiar places. My property in Florida is not far from Blackwater River State Park. Much of the area, including my backyard, resembles the forest. While taking the dogs out late one evening in June, I was struck by how loud it was outside. Truthfully, I didn’t know what I was hearing. You certainly can’t see the night creatures, let alone tell whether they’re insects, reptiles or birds. The answer, I discovered, is all of the above: choruses of tree frogs, night birds and a variety of insects. Who knows what else? I wanted to share what it felt like being surrounded by all those sounds in the dark. I hope you could feel it while reading the first chapter of HIDDEN CREED.

The second reason comes from my constant search for the perfect place to dump dead bodies. Yes, it is an occupational hazard for mystery writers. You may have heard me say this before. While others visit a new place and look for a new café or bistro to try out, I’m more likely noticing the Dumpster in the alley behind the restaurant. Living in Nebraska and Florida has given new perspective on this issue. Snow and cold in Nebraska tends to preserve a dead body that’s been dumped. But in Florida, if you choose an isolated enough area, nature (humidity, insects and animals) could help that body melt, scatter and disappear into the landscape. And that’s exactly what the killer in HIDDEN CREED intended.

Speaking of serial killers…

Maggie O'Dell FBI Profiler | Alex Kava crime action series

This is mine. And I’m not pleased with her. Remember I mentioned the squirrels in my backyard trying to outsmart the Westie pack? Well, Maggie cannot and will not be outsmarted. Innocent??? No, not at all.


And the winner is… Congratulations to VIR CLUB MEMBER PAM TAYLOR!

Who told us:

“I love the Ryder Creed series for many reasons.

  1. Ryder loves his dogs – they are at the center of his world (along with Hannah and other humans) – they are not part of his family – they center him and his world.
  2. Ryder’s loft above the dog kennels – I would love to live in a loft like the one you described.
  3. That he was lost after his military service and a wise woman helped him to find feet and start down a path that leads to redemption – helping others in their most desperate circumstances (the old woman who leaves her house in a storm and hides under leaves and brush – as well as by finding his sister alive).
  4. The details related to the dogs’ personalities – the squeaky pink elephant – BOLO’s unfettered protection of Ryder – basically that the dogs are just as much characters in the books as the people.

There are more, but those are the top ones!” —PAM TAYLOR

Thank you to the 200+ members who took the time to send me an email and tell me why they “love the Ryder Creed K-9 mysteries”…

Watch for the next contest giveaway. We’re going to do something a bit different.

If you enjoyed HIDDEN CREED, please tell a reader friend! That really is the biggest compliment a reader can pay an author.

 Thanks again for reading!

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