Hidden Creed | Book 6 | ALEX KAVA 2020

It’s AUGUST, and I finally get to share HIDDEN CREED with you.

Writing this book felt like a return to my forensic crime roots. Remember STRANDED? A serial killer, an abandoned farm, dead bodies and lots of forensic puzzle pieces. STRANDED introduced Ryder and Grace for the first time. It was where Maggie and Ryder shared their first kiss. In fact, I often tell readers who are just starting the Creed series they should start with STRANDED.

In that book, Maggie, Tully, Ryder and Grace all end up in Florida’s Blackwater River State Forest. HIDDEN CREED begins in that same forest.

A killer has been using an isolated area of the forest to hide his victims. The area is close—too close for comfort—to Hannah and Creed’s property. During a training exercise, Grace, Brodie and Creed stumble across a man’s body. The killer never intended for his victims to be found, and now, he’s frantic to keep them hidden.

The common theme of the Creed series is one of rescue, but it extends beyond the abandoned dogs that Hannah and Creed save. Sometimes the human characters need rescuing. And there’s usually a lost soul on the run or looking for redemption.

So what else will you find in HIDDEN CREED?

Those of you who hoped Ryder and Maggie could spend more time together in one place, let me just say, be careful what you wish for. Readers who enjoy Jason’s character, you’re in for a treat. Brodie continues to surprise me. And the dogs? They remain the stars of this series, and they are definitely the rescuers.

HIDDEN CREED (Book 6 Ryder Creed K-9 Mystery Series) | ALEX KAVA | 2020


If you’ve already pre-ordered the ebook or hardcover, THANK YOU! If you’re looking to get a copy, here are the links: LEARN MORE

This year getting the hardcover of HIDDEN CREED could be a challenge. Some bookstores are still closed and limiting their stock, but many are selling on-line. You can get it on-line at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If your library doesn’t have a copy, ask them to order it.

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If you buy ebooks you won’t have any problem
finding and downloading HIDDEN CREED. It will be available through major ebook retailers on August 18th.

Unfortunately, the audiobook won’t be available until September. I’ll let you know the release date as soon as I know.


My youngest, Huck (left) turned five in July. And Duncan (right) will be fifteen at the end of August. Duncan has never been an “alpha” dog, but he’s been a great mentor for Huck.


In honor of Duncan, here are some senior dog tips. As with all my dog advice, please consult your veterinarian first.

  • Raise their food and water bowls. Helps with any neck issues.
  • Set up ramps or steps to their favorite sofa or bed. Helps with back and hip issues.
  • Make sure they drink plenty of water. I have an electric fountain. Not only does it filter their water but also running water might encourage them to drink.
  • All my dogs get honey. It can help with allergies and inflammation.
  • They also get salmon oil.
  • In addition to honey and salmon oil, Duncan gets olive oil. Studies show it can boost the brain and immune system as well as prevent cardiovascular disease.
  • Exercise is good at any age. Old dogs sleep a lot, but Duncan still likes to take a stroll. He even goes to the garden to pick a tomato. (Only red tomatoes for dogs and only a little bit.)
  • Touch and even a gentle massage go a long way. Don’t forget the tips of the ears and all the way to the toes.
  • Remind guests, the groomer, veterinarian and vet techs, and pet sitters that your senior might not hear or see as well as they used to. So they might need a little more patience.
  • Extra snuggles…always.



PACKAGE #1 — MARIE FOOSE who said “This was a hard decision. Maggie has been my favorite, and Ryder has moved up there with her, but I think my most favorite character is now Grace. I had my heart in my throat! Very happy things turned out :D”

PACKAGE #2 — DEAN CAPPS who said “I enjoy all of your books and love all of your characters. One that teases my mind is Grace, the little Jack Russell with the heart of a lion. I am pulled to her because of our own sweet Maddie. A 10 pound Jack Russell that we raised and was the heart of our family for 18 years before she passed. Her name was Madeline Michelle (Maddie) after my young sister Michelle. She was a little miffed I named our dog after her until I explained how important she was to our family. We never took a vacation without her. Grace reminds me of our Maddie and brings such sweet memories.”

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In the meantime, stay safe and healthy! And as always, thank you for reading my books.