6 Summer Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe and Cool

Our “pack” took a road trip recently. The asphalt was so hot in places that we carried each dog to the grass and avoided sidewalks. We never shut off the car’s A/C. It felt like we needed to keep a constant vigil. So I came up with a list of summer tips that I think even Ryder Creed might use.

Tip #1: Is he concrete is too hot for your dog’s pads? Test it with your bare foot or the palm of your hand. If it’s too hot to for you, it’s too hot for your dog.

Tip #2: Heatstroke can be quick and deadly. If you think your dog is overheated, wrap him in a cool, wet towel. Get under the arms, the belly and groin. Don’t cool too rapidly. Avoid ice.

Tip #3: Hydration is extra important. Make sure your dog always has access to cool, fresh water. If you feed dry food, consider a little bit of canned to add moisture. On road trips, use bottled water. Municipal water sources change from city to city. Those slight changes could upset your stomach as well as your dog’s.

Tip #4: Make homemade cool treats. Slice bananas and freeze them. Fill an ice cube tray with low-sodium chicken broth. My Duncan loves cold chunks of cucumber.

Tip #5: Limit yard time. Restrict exercise. Breathing is a dog’s way to cool off. Humid air making it more difficult. Move playtime indoors. Hey, it might be a good excuse for a new ball or toy.

Tip #6: Getting wet is apparently a lot of fun for dogs.