I can’t believe summer is almost over!

Labor Day weekend is traditionally the last hoorah. I hope you’re doing something fun and relaxing. It’s also one of the busiest travel weekends, so be safe if you’re on the road. And if you’re traveling through airports, keep a lookout for TSA K9s. Let me know if you see pointy-eared or floppy-eared detection dogs.

Last year TSA made an official decision to purchase floppy over pointy when adding or replacing retiring scent dogs. Of course, it’ll be only one part of their criteria. There are three things they look for: 1) health 2) ability and willingness to detect odors and 3) disposition to people and social abilities. The floppy-ears are part of the last one. TSA believes passengers accept floppy-eared dogs better, and they say they don’t scare children. 

Years ago I read an article in the Sun Sentinel about beagles being used as scent dogs at the Miami International Airport. It mentioned how the smaller dogs were able to get into places that bigger dogs might not. Also, they didn’t draw as much anxiety from passengers. It was where I got the idea for Grace when I learned that breed is only one factor. It also gave me the idea for Ryder Creed to rescue shelter dogs and train them for scent detection. And I’m thrilled to see more and more organizations now doing the same.

Speaking of Ryder Creed

Thank you for buying, borrowing and reading DESPERATE CREED. You helped launch the book onto the USA Today bestseller list! And I appreciate that you’ve been telling friends and leaving reviews.
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Here’s an idea to inspire you!

Last chance for VIR Luncheon tickets!

We’ve had a few cancelations, so if you put off getting your ticket, now is your chance. Join me for lunch. We’ll talk about dogs, Ryder and Maggie, storms, crime scenes and what’s coming in 2020.

$5 of your ticket goes to a wonderful organization that takes in senior dogs. Promises for Paws Senior Sanctuary. Oh, and I have some gifts to send home with all my guests. I just bought one of them this week, and I can’t wait to share it.

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Just a few of last year’s gifts.

Enjoy the long weekend! I’ll be watching Husker volleyball and football, but I’m taking Sunday off to do nothing but read! Whatever you have planned, I hope you get to relax and enjoy this last blast of summer.

Take care and thanks again for reading my books!

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