Dogs love all the smells that go into making the Thanksgiving dinner. Here are some tips to share the celebratory meal without ending up with a sick dog.

  • Skinless, white turkey meat is okay. But only a small piece or two. As much as you’re tempted, don’t put gravy on it. And no dressing. The herbs, onion and garlic can be toxic.
  • Sweet potatoes are good for dogs but give them a bite BEFORE you mix in all the butter and brown sugar.
  • Green beans are a perfect treat, but again, set aside a few before you add all the casserole ingredients.
  • Canned pumpkin actually helps with dog’s digestion, but only a dollop.
  • If you’re giving any of these, again in very small quantities, put them in your dog’s bowl. Don’t let your guests feed them bites. You don’t want to lose control of how much your dog gets.
  • Make sure all trash is secure, so your dog can’t get at bones, plastic utensils, paper plates or even aluminum foil that smells good enough to eat.
  • Keep to your regular feeding schedule and have plenty of fresh water available.

Even better than food is the extra hugs, cuddles and play time.

Alex Kava's westie pup Huck.