Last month on Facebook I asked for your questions and promised to choose five that I would answer in the VIR summer eblast/newsletter.  These are the five fans who also won an Alex Kava tote bag for their great questions. I hope I did your questions justice.

Cait Borowicz asked:
“Is there a reason for the estranged brother angle in all of your books? The Maggie series, Whitewash and One False Move all have some element of this…wondering if it’s an intentional pattern or just happened to work for those three stories.”

Hard to believe but it just happened. In fact, I never even realized it until you asked, Cait. Coincidentally, I have two brothers and a sister.

Kristie Lodenstein LeValley asked:
“Have you always been a dog person?”

My earliest memory is of a day I decided to follow our farm dogs wherever they went. They were my constant companions while my siblings were in school. I’m guessing I was maybe four. The three of us had strayed a couple of pastures away by the time I glanced over my shoulder and noticed how very far I had gone. My mom tells the story and says how panicked she was. All I remember is how wonderfully carefree I felt with my two best friends.

Zack Barnes asked:

“How long did it take you to write your first book? How long does it take you now?”

The first book that I wrote was actually published (A Perfect Evil) took me about a year and a half. Breaking Creed took four months. That’s just the writing. It doesn’t include the research and gathering of thoughts and plots before pen takes to paper.

Christopher Michael Aumick asked:
“Love your books and its a simple question but do you write long hand or use a computer?”

I prefer longhand. I’ve trained myself to do both for expediency, but I know I process a chapter much differently when I’m writing it in longhand as compared to writing it on the computer.

Cindy Lion asked:
“A friend of mine gave me Whitewash years ago. I was hooked and have read all your books. How did you come up with the story?”

Both Whitewash and Damaged came out of my experience of living through hurricanes Ivan and Dennis. Both of these ravaged my home and neighborhood in the Pensacola/Milton, Florida area. I couldn’t believe the piles of debris that we lived amongst, lined up two stories high along the streets and roads of our properties. At the same time I read an article in DISCOVER magazine about thermal conversion process in which anything that is carbon-based could be turned into oil. Real oil, even better than crude. From there the idea took off into a political thriller. Whitewash is still one of my all-time favorites.